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Good News.  We have a shipment of 4 e-RAM's on the way and it should be here by 16/12/2006Welcome to Electric Superchargers in South Africa. 

We are the proud reseller of the American patented, e-RAM electric Supercharger,

Pat. No. #6,328,024 B1,

right here in South Africa.  This is a true, "Bolt On" performance product, that will be taking South Africa by storm and you can experience the increased performance of your everyday "runner", in a matter of a hour or two's installation time.  There is no need to lower compression, fit waste gates, blow off valves or EFI systems.  The e-RAM electric Supercharger system will work on any carburetor, or fuel injected vehicle that has the small additional space, required to install the e-RAM electric Supercharger.

Our Mission

We plan to promote and provide the e-RAM Electric Supercharger, the leader of technology in this arena, at a reasonable cost to Customers in South Africa, with the backup service to match.  We will add, as and where possible, details and success stories of the South African e-RAM installation base.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us at any of the numbers or means below

+27 (0)11 660 1584
          +27 (0)11 660 4020
+27 (0)11 660 1585
Postal address
PO Box 5627
          West Krugersdorp
Electronic mail
General Information & Sales : info@electricsupercharger.co.za
Customer Support : support@electricsupercharger.co.za
Webmaster: admin@electricsupercharger.co.za


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