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Dyno test on 1990 Pajero V6

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Well, they say the proof is in the pudding and sure is!!  The Dynamometer test was eventually done on 26/01/2006 in overcast weather.  The Pajero was at normal operating temperature, Engine and Auto box.

I chose a Tuner that has a Hofmann Dynamometer, where the vehicle is operated at full open throttle and the runners are adjusted to the chosen Rpm range.  This also reflects the true values/curves at the wheels and is not corrected in any way.

2 Runs where done within 5 minutes of each other to ensure a true reflection of the difference the e-RAM makes on the vehicle.  Engine temperature was a little higher for the second run but we are not going to argue about the difference 5-10 degrees Celsius will make on the performance curves.

The Run operation.

The vehicle is operated at full throttle and resistance is turned up to bring the Rpm down to a steady 1500 Rpm.  The Rpm range is then incremented in 500 Rpm steps to produce the results as shown below

As you can see, there is 50 Nm Torque increase at 2000 Rpm and gradually joins the standard curve dropping slightly below, to then end 4 Nm above at 297 Nm at 4500 Rpm.

This is a 4x4 and it does not have a high revving motor so I expected the curves to basically be equal from about 3000 Rpm which it did.  I will be installing the Super e-RAM later and will then add the details to the same graph to see the difference between the different configurations.


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